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Medical Supplies

General Medical Supplies: a leading distributor of high-quality medical supplies and equipment. With the features and dependability that doctors and other medical professionals want, we provide the best in the business at a premium value. With the purchasing procedure becoming much simpler for our customers, our goal is to be your go-to source for all of your medical needs.

Consumables: We promise to only offer top-notch products that have been accepted by healthcare authorities and qualified healthcare practitioners as part of our collaboration with healthcare providers.

Pharmaceuticals: As with other medical supplies, ensuring that there is an adequate supply of pharmaceuticals is a humanitarian task, thus we, are working very hard to address any shortages wherever in the globe with the highest quality and most reasonable prices.

Consumer Care: Since the quality of the items we sell is our top priority, our committed team is primarily focused on the products that reach the consumer.

Medical Devices: In addition to providing post-sale services to keep medical devices properly working, Pharmical guarantees the highest quality of medical devices.

Laboratory: Pharmical offers common laboratory supplies since they are essential to a productive lab. When you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the necessary lab supplies, it can be very frustrating. We have a wide selection of laboratory consumables available for you, so whether you want to restock or replace your supplies, we have everything you need.

Dental: We provide a full variety of premium instruments that are made to satisfy all of your dental practice needs. By offering high-quality products that adhere to international standards, we hope to provide you the professional confidence you need by offering safe and certified dental consumables.

Radiology: Pharmical provides a wide selection of consumable items that are made to meet the diverse needs of radiology specialty. We work together with some of the greatest worldwide market leaders to bring you equipment that is always up to date with the newest technologies.


Supply Chain Expertise

Pharmical uses its remarkable drug library, global network of drug wholesalers, and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to provide you, the consumer, with worldwide delivery of your tailored medications. Our employees at Pharmical have more than 20 years of experience in the patient care industry, optimizing the movement of medications throughout the worldwide supply chain. We have grown to recognize and comprehend the difficult, intricate, demanding, and intrinsically unstable environment that surrounds the provision of patient care. Therefore, whatever unforeseen circumstance or need may arise, you can be sure that our compassionate staff will provide you the appropriate medication as soon as you need it. You’ll have one less item to worry about and can concentrate on other matters.

Registration & Licensing

Pharmical is one of the very few companies in the UAE that provides comprehensive assistance with the registration and licensing of any product or producer with the various healthcare and general government bodies in the UAE.

Along with the licensing of medical entities in the UAE, we also prepared a number of hospitals and clinics with all the necessary papers to be licensed and ready to provide the highest level of care and service to patients.

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Regulatory Management

Pharmical offers information on scientific products. The scientific product information is a source of trustworthy data that doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals can use to help direct patient management and treatment. We provide timely and pertinent drug information through our pharmacist-operated customer technical support services so you can provide patients with better treatment. Pharmical has strong relationships with the pharmaceutical sector, academic institutions, and government regulatory agencies, which enables us to play a crucial position in promoting compliance and support for the medication usage process.


The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are welcome to collaborate with Pharmical to offer and pre-launch named-patient management programs, discontinuance and temporary supply management, or procurement for clinical trials. Our highly professional pharmaceutical services supports the industry’s solutions to meet the needs of the business and the medicine. Pharmical is capable of handling all of the challenges involved in managing named-patients medication in a safe and morally responsible manner, whether it is a multi-national access management program, one pack of one patient, or an orphan drug.


Import & Export

With the greatest quality and best services that surpass international standards, we are a reputable and officially recognized company by the government to import and export medications from the United Arab Emirates to all countries and vice versa.

Maintenance & Quality Control

In addition to the range of services that Pharmical offers, we have a team specifically dedicated to the maintenance of various medical devices, including the calibration and quality control tests for radiology machines using extremely high-quality equipment that has been authorized by the relevant authorities.


Storage as a Service

In the major cities of the United Arab Emirates, Pharmical runs a chain of warehouses. Modern technology that monitors temperature, humidity, expiration dates, pests, and other storage conditions is installed in every warehouse. With market-competitive rental fees, we offer storage as a service for both standard products and cold chain products.